• If you are a supplier you can claim an available listing by paying $89 or $299 for one year, depending on the amount showing on the page banner.
  • A newer novelty product that will probably be hot for a while and then fade away, is only $89/year.
  • A classic product like an umbrella or a battery that will always be in demand and probably generate a few repeat orders, is $299/year.
  • You can also claim any blog post you want for $299/year.
  • You can add your contact info on any taxonomy archive like: product categories & tags, blog categories & tags. $299/year.
  • Once you pay, email us your contact info; Mobile no. Email, Website, and we will insert it on the right side of the product page, just below the title, where the banner is now.  In Blog posts, your contact information will be where the blue banner is currently.
  • To pay, proceed to this page and pay via the PayPal link. You do not need a PayPal account, a credit card is Ok.
  • After you claim the product, you can edit it & change images.
  • Any problem at all contact us.
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