RC motorcycles are remote-controlled models designed to mimic real motorcycles. These small-scale vehicles are controlled by a remote or transmitter and operate on a similar principle to other remote-controlled vehicles. However, their design specifically replicates the appearance and movements of motorcycles.

They typically feature:

Two-wheeled design: Mimicking the structure of a real motorcycle, these RC models have two wheels, offering a more realistic riding experience compared to traditional RC cars or trucks.

Remote control: Controlled by a handheld transmitter, usually with levers or buttons to control acceleration, braking, and steering.

Variety of scales: Available in various scales, from smaller, more affordable models to larger, more detailed and higher-performance versions.

Different types: There are different types of RC motorcycles, from off-road dirt bikes to street racing models, catering to various preferences.

These RC motorcycles can be used for racing, stunts, or simple leisurely driving, and they provide a unique and exciting experience for hobbyists and enthusiasts interested in remote-controlled vehicles.