1:10 RC Stunt Motorcycle Racing Drift Vehicle 2.4G Stunt Toy

1:10 RC Stunt Motorcycle Racing Drift Vehicle 2.4G Stunt Toy


Kids love stunt RC motorcycles for the thrilling high-speed drifts and dazzling LED lights that create an exciting and visually appealing experience. The realistic simulation design, coupled with multifaceted speed control, allows for a sense of freedom and challenge in play. Additionally, the ability to perform cool stunts and maneuvers adds an element of excitement, making stunt RC motorcycles both entertaining and captivating for young enthusiasts.


Remote Control Motorcycle Drift car Stunt car Toy high Speed 20KM / h Electric 2.4G Four-Way with car Lights Racing Model

1:10 Remote Control Stunt Motorcycle Racing Drift Vehicle with Light 2.4G High Speed Car Model Boys Game Toys Children’s Gifts

Introducing the new awesome high-performance remote control motorcycle, measuring an impressive 25cm in length and boasting a top speed of 50km/h for exhilarating high-speed drifts. This remote-controlled marvel offers a unique and thrilling experience.

Equipped with cutting-edge LED technology, the RC motorcycle features dazzling lights that add to the excitement, making nighttime drives cooler and more attractive—ensuring you stand out as the center of attention.

Powered by a robust battery pack, the RC motorbike guarantees a maximum battery life of up to 20 minutes. Beyond being a remote-controlled toy, it serves as a stunning motorcycle decoration with its simulation character design and realistic shape, allowing the driver’s feet to be opened.

Embrace the cool and realistic aesthetics with its simulation scale and multifaceted speed control. Experience a new level of freedom in play, offering a wonderful challenge for enthusiasts.

The motorcycle’s reinforced wheels and meticulous rim craftsmanship, coupled with the durability of the tires, beautifully and practically replicate the details of a real motorcycle. Crafted with high-quality rubber, the tires ensure a strong grip, minimal slippage, and enhanced wear resistance for a truly thrilling and long-lasting experience.

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